TOP wholesale and retail raw Indian hair extensions vendors

You are looking for a human hair extension distributor for your salon, store or yourself… but there are so many suppliers with variety of types in market now. They make you wondering which the best supplier, the best quality,the best price is . Don’t hesitate to come to us  – TOP hair in India so that we can help you get the best options.

With over 10 years experience in domestic human hair collection and distribution, 5 years of human hair international trade, Arrow Exim can understand thoroughly the buying habits and needs of each countries in the world such as : World market needs raw Indian hair in bulk; Rest market interested in blonde color human hair; US, UK, Sweden,Netherland …( Europe) market like weft hair in beautiful textures straight, wave, curly and Colombia, Chile, Argentina (other countries in Latin America) market favor hair thick in the end, weave human hair etc… Therefore, Arrow Exim – TOP wholesale hair vendors always offers excited price, trusted quality to all customers and even make you satisfied with the first time transaction .

Arrow Exim have a large loyal customers system all over the world : USA, UK, UAE,Mexico, Columbia,Costa Rica,Estonia , Israel, Ukraine, Italy, Argentina, France,Germany and so on. We are searching and trading with more and more customers in the world. In addition, Arrow Exim also constantly learn and improve the quality of Raw human hair products in order to meet increasing customers’ requirements and keep up with the hottest human hair extensions trends in hair market.

Let Arrow Exim bring all of you – our customers the true satisfaction!

TOP wholesale and retail raw Indian hair extensions vendors

TOP wholesale and retail raw Indian hair extensions vendors

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Founded in 2008 to give women, men, and stylists beautiful hair that uplifts and empowers.


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We’ll help you find the hair of your dreams.

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We Deliver in United states, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Lucknow, Mexico,  Mozambique, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE  & Across GLOBE.  


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